extreme makeover

hey! remember that time i didn't blog for like two weeks? well, last night's event was partly why, and it was so worth it. i have mentioned on my blog before my love for young life and its ministry among high school students, and last night was our area's annual young life fundraising banquet. i serve on the committee and had the pleasure of coordinating the decorations for our extreme makeover theme, which was likely the easiest theme ever. thanks to my former habitat colleagues, some amazing fellow committee members, my dad's garage and some other young life areas, we were able to borrow some seriously cool things and i was very pleased with the result. yesterday was so much fun, collaborating with fellow committee, leaders and staff to get the space decorated and then un-decorated following the event. we have some very creative people on our team, and working with them was such a blast. i especially love this event because while other parties and fundraisers at places like the dance theatre are so much fun to plan, the young life banquet has a special place in my heart because our focus is not on selling tickets or hosting a memorable event, but on glorifying Christ and his love for us and high school students. there is a different feel to this event - one of collaboration with others who hold the same passion for sharing our faith with lost and lonely high school kids and one of complete and total dependence on the Lord for success. here are a few fun photos before the craziness ensued...

it is likely i will be asked to never return to home depot again after i hauled out of there with literally 85 paint sample cards last week. if your  home depot starts charging for them, it might be my fault.

this house was such a random lucky find, but then when you think about our event, i would imagine it wasn't so random or lucky at all. we host our event at a local church and it was just sitting backstage while we were setting up yesterday. i have no idea what it was for, but knew we had to use it. it totally pulled the stage decorations together and was a huge blessing. 

my fellow committee members rigged up the cutest little construction tableaux all around the room. some didn't photograph as well as others, but this one was awesome thanks to my landlord's donated blueprints. they were so cool! 

if you're not familiar with young life, i'd encourage you to check it out. it is such a wonderful ministry and has been near and dear to my heart since high school. serving on the committee in my area is such a blessing and i am continually amazed at the way the Lord works through our leaders and staff members. last night was definitely no exception!

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