chanel has my most favorite commercials. if there is one brand that is most adequately captured in thirty seconds of video, i think chanel is it. and, i suppose in keeping with that, they cast the most devastatingly beautiful, positively feminine women in them.

my favorite, "train de nuit" (interestingly directed by jean-pierre jeunet of amélie fame) and starring shy-girl amélie herself, audrey tatou, is so stunning. i've been reading david baldacci's the christmas train over the past week or so, and i think trains are so mysterious and glamorous. i've been learning quite a lot about them in the book and i also recently learned that this infamous chanel no. 5 commercial was shot on the orient express itself. if you haven't seen it, please feast your eyes below. if all advertisements were this beautiful, i'd never want to fast-forward through them.

images: 1.mimifroufrou 2.coquette

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