it's christmas time in the city

merry christmas! i had an absolutely extraordinary holiday with my family, and i cannot believe how blessed we are. i fully recognize that christmas was yesterday, however, i completely believe that christmas/the holiday season should be celebrated just as exuberantly between now and epiphany (january 4th), so i intend to do so with a fun queue of christmas blog posts over the next week or so. merry christmas from me to you.

over the past few weeks, i have had the opportunity to go on two christmas home tours. i don't know about you, but i am extremely nosy when it comes to pretty houses. being able to go in people's homes and snoop through their rooms and decor style is guaranteed to be enjoyable, even when the decorating style isn't my own taste. don't you agree? visiting people's homes as a guest (or home tour ticket holder) is way more fun than peeking in the windows. but, um, i don't do that kind of thing. really.

first up, the fourth ward charlotte home tour. the fourth ward consists of the northwest tip of uptown and features some truly beautiful historic homes and very cool new spaces as well. honestly, while i love the area, i wasn't extremely enthralled with most of the homes on the tour. the decor was rather uninspiring and unchristmas-y with the exception of a few spaces below. rather than bore you with the details, enjoy some lovely photos and forgive my extreme inability to take adequate night photos.

there were hand-bell players on the porch of this home. it was lovely.

alexander michael's is the sweetest, coziest neighborhood tavern.

and now, my favorite home on the tour...

the original house was moved in the 1970's and placed sideways to fit on this lot. the front door is actually on the side and it's excellent.


i am dying over all the built-ins. so fantastic.

this home also had the most exceptional little collection of iron structure souvenirs - vintage and new. there was actually an entire other shelf of them - i think it's such a unique thing to collect.

...and, i'd like to move in tomorrow. the end.

i drive past this building every day on my way to work and i think it is beautiful.

i know i live/work here so i am technically biased, but i think uptown charlotte is lovely, especially at night.

the mccoll center for visual art is a renovated church that now hosts artist studio and gallery space. i love how they've kept the integrity of the building and all the original brick - it's a stunning space. 

stay tuned tomorrow for many more (daylight and therefore not blurry and dark) photos of the historic downtown concord christmas tour. and then, a christmas tour of my own house as well. because i'd really rather you not peek through the windows.

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April said...

So pretty! I LOVE that white tree with the purple and green ornaments. So cute!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!