long winter's night

welcome to the shortest day of the calendar year! what does that mean exactly? well, i did some research for you:
- the winter solstice occurs when the polar hemisphere (north in this case) is tilted the furthest away from the sun.
- the actual "solstice" only occurs for a moment (since we don't really want the earth to stop turning and imminent doom to ensue), and then the days begin to very gradually lengthen again.
- the solstice is also known as "midwinter", which is interesting, since in truth it is actually the first day of the winter season.
- on this day, the sun's maximum elevation in the sky is the lowest it will be all year.
- the solstice almost always occurs between december 21st and 23rd.
- it may be the first day of winter, but it's 65 and raining here, and feels much more like spring. gross.
- it's a good night to stay in, wear warm socks, and be cozy and christmasy.

so go get some socks, a fire (or a candle?), listen to "in the bleak midwinter" on my playlist and enjoy this long winter's night!

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K. Davis said...

received a package from you :) LOVED everything :) Ill blog about it soon! Did mine ever make it to you safely?