it's a boy!

i'm an auntie! unofficially, anyway. as of this evening, brave bestie sarah delivered sweet baby parker in to the world after being in labor for a little over twenty-four hours. sarah and lacey and i have been friends since about 2005 (our sophomore year of college) and i am so thankful to be sharing life's big moments with them. sarah, you're amazing and i can't wait to see the new little man in your life! so proud of you!

playing preggers with sarah at the maternity store shortly before thanksgiving. i prefer the baby bump that you can un-velcro. i'll let sarah handle the labor/caring for an infant thing for now. isn't she the cutest?

lacey, sarah, and i before stuffing ourselves with two tables worth of brunch goodies at her shower.

and also, while we're at it, lovely lindsey lee also delivered sweet baby sharpe last week as well. it's a baby extravaganza! i'm not nearly ready for my own little one at this point, so in the meantime i get to play with all these adorable tiny ones. so thankful and proud of my friends!

top image via simplygoodstuff

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