bestie christmas 2009

for the fourth year in a row, sarah, lacey and i have spent a day/night together exchanging gifts and celebrating christmas. i always look forward to our christmas weekends - and this year was just as lovely as the rest. the morning started out with coffee, pumpkin spice muffins and ham/egg scramble and just got better from there... (please excuse the morning hair/pj look.)

last year we decided stuffing stocking was way more fun than just exchanging regular gifts. the idea caught on, and i'm pretty sure opening lots of little goodies is just as fun as stuffing them.

sarah and lacey take "chandelier earrings" quite literally with the ornaments i gave them.

sarah is super excited about her fun stocking presents.

getting ready to dig in...

this picture needs no caption. i think i have about 3289476 more like it on my camera.

this is probably the greatest picture ever. we were both clearly excited about whatever it was sarah gave us.

who said kaleidoscopes were for little kids?

sarah was chosen to play mary (mother of god!) at her church's live nativity. lacey and i went to see her. while we waited to walk through, we got free coffee, cookies, and word searches.

sarah being holy. she was amazing! she had a monologue and everything.

i'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

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