christmas countdown - six days!

"the best in us is always linked to childhood, tchaikovsky knew this, and there is nothing cynical in the nutcracker music. it is elegant and childlike and we cannot resist entering that world." - valeri gergiev of the st. petersburg maryinsky theatre

"the sense of unity and symphonic composition goes far beyond anything then expected of ballet music. it also strikes a chord in adults. it provokes a sense of higher mystery at this time of year that breeds bonhomie and a spiritual sense of goodwill. we would all be poorer without it." - david bintley of the birmingham royal ballet

tonight, the lovely blair and i had a fancy night out on the town. first we hit zink (one of my favorite restaurants in uptown) for appetizers and drinkies and then went to see jean pierre bonnefoux's nutcracker at the belk theatre in the second row. it was such a treat to be able to see every detail on the costumes and the sets and see all of the dancer's expressions. it was the next best thing to dancing in it myself!

afterwards, we checked out the 100% green organic (life size) gingerbread house at the ritz and had delicious dessert and nightcaps at mimosa grill.

all in all, a fabulous, festive evening that i'm hoping will become an annual event!

images: 1.dianamuse.blogspot.com 2. birmingham royal ballet by bill cooper

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