the inn at little pond farm

a few weeks ago, mom and i were fortunate to participate in the fireside tour in valle crucis, north carolina. valle crucis is latin for "valley of the cross" and is located about fifteen minutes outisde of boone. it's very rural and historic and is home to the original mast general store (which is still open), among other points of interest.
the fireside tour included local inns, b&b's, churches, and farms in the area; all decked out for christmas, and all of which had refreshments. one of our last stops even had sangria and free massages. it was a good day. the morning of the tour, we arrived to a light dusting of snow, which made the tour that much more festive.

although the refreshments were fabulous, most of the inns/b&b's were quaint but included far too many floral patterns, quilts, and ruffled pillows for my taste. i was probably not impressed because our first stop of the day basically ruined the rest of the tour for me. the inn at little pond farm is valle crucis' best kept secret - we've been visiting the area for years and never knew about it. the inn, established, renovated, and run by a classy couple is truly enchanting. it's simple and sophisticated and if i end up staying here, i'll probably never want to leave. the decor takes shabby chic to a whole new level of cool and it made me want to go home and clear out 95% of the clutter that fills my shelves and countertops. their website is really great and i highly recommend you check it out, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures i snapped during the visit:

the exterior is renovated, but beautiful and sits among many gorgeous trees and acreage.

the stunning dining room. i somehow overlooked taking a shot of the kitchen, but it is also incredible. what's more, the innkeepers teach themed cooking classes to anyone who wants to attend.

the christmas decorations were so minimal, yet gorgeous. the evergreens really popped against the all-white walls and furniture.

it was cold and snowy outside and i could have stayed in front of this community fireplace all day. also, the hardwood flooring throughout the home was imported from france. nice, right?

this tree was much cuter in person.

i am obsessed with the furniture - all of which has been upholstered with simple vintage fabric such as feed sacks and plain linen.

so cozy.
belledone room - the most expensive in the place goes for $350/night. (i said it was gorgeous, not affordable).

the giant tub in the belledone room cost approximately $5,000. probably why it's so expensive to stay here.

just lovely.

the winterberry room - a steal at only $250/night.

i could be really excited about straightening my hair every day in this bathroom.

again, the fabulous centerpieces/decor were so simple and gorgeous.

so lovely!

so, although expensive, i could most likely be talked into staying here at some point. it's cozy and luxurious and very unlike other bed and breakfasts that i've seen. i'm certain the food is exquisite if the kitchen and refreshments (pictured above) were any indication. and not only do guests receive breakfast here, but also "afternoon sweets and evening wine and hors d'oeuvres". yes, please.
unfortunately, my photos really don't do justice to just how beautiful this place really is. i highly suggest a visit!

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