festive and free!

as always, i love free stuff. especially at christmas when life gets infinitely more expensive. considering i make it my job to listen to christmas music as much as possible this time of year (and, to be honest, often in september, october, and november, too), i'm sure you can understand how much free christmas music makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

so here's the deal: i know two really cool guys who are just giving away their music for christmas.

the first is my friend joel whom i met while interning for young life. he lives in nashville and just bought a really nice house and has a really cool job at this marketing firm. he also happens to be really good at singing and playing random instruments. this one time joel and i spent a very special new years together on the side of I-75 in atlanta after i wrecked my car. it was raining and joel had food poisoning and it took AAA four hours to send a tow truck. and no, i'm not exaggerating. i kind of feel like if joel is still talking to me after that whole experience, he's probably the nicest guy ever. you can download his songs here.

the second is the argyle project, organized by jon black.
jon was the musician when i first went to young life camp in high school and hails from birmingham, alabama. i don't know him personally, but he is married to my friend blair's sister, so we're actually practically related. download his christmas album here.

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