if you can't stand the heat...go to wal-mart

i've decided that i honestly wouldn't hate summer temperatures as much as i do if it weren't for the fact that i start to sweat the moment i step outdoors. i really wish i were one of those girls who just gets all tan and dewey in the heat, but alas, i'm the annoyed white flushed girl with the matted hair and sweat marks on my clothes. this explains why i a)am angry about 75% of the time may-september b)really wish i could summer in canada and c)prefer to stay indoors when at all possible. i saw an ironic quote on pinterest today that made me laugh - "summer is a wild gift of heat". bahaha. yeah, right. how about summer makes me want to do nothing but lie down in front of an air conditioner and complain? fact.

that said, i have made two purchases so far this summer that have made ninety-plus degrees halfway bearable:

first and foremost, the wal-mart fedora. best $8 i've spent in a long, long time period. i can't stop wearing it. seriously. it covers up the nasty and makes me look somewhat cute and pulled together in the process. i've especially enjoyed it on the lake, for post-pool errands and afternoon unemployed shopping and fro-yo trips (my life is so hard right now).

and secondly, also from wal-mart and priced at less than $3, johnson's calming lavender and chamomile baby powder. it doesn't really stop the sweat, but makes me feel fresher and less disgusting in spite of it. i've found using post-shower lotion in the summer just makes me feel worse, so this softens my skin without all the unnecessary moisture. and lavender is one of my favorite scents maybe ever. i've also found it very handy for work-out sessions. i suddenly stink less than the fat old guy on the treadmill next to me. awesome.

what are your summer must-haves? help me get through these months of torture!

images: 1.josh olins for june 2011 vogue uk via dustjacketattic 2./3.wal-mart

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Lindsey Lee Lancaster Hartsell said...

oh honey, I feel your pain. Too bad black, the best sweat hiding color, just doesn't really work in June and July.