paris, je t'aime

doesn't paris in the fall sound très magnifique? want to go? oh, good! moi aussi! oh happy day (a bright, amazing and, hence the name, happy) blog that i love is giving away an amazing trip. and i would very much like to win please. you can enter, too, or you can just send out good thoughts on my behalf. i will accept either, but i prefer the latter as my chances of winning are therefore increased. but, then again, if you enter and win you can take me, right? we can go shopping, wear berets, skip down the champs-elysées, eat nutella crepes, drink wine and talk to stylish french people with names like pascale and martine. it would be magical. yes, i would like that very much.

bien sur. merci, mes amis! 

images: 1.paris2london 2.weheartit

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grayseasmith said...

let's go to Paris and be Blair and Serena, in those outfits.