raleigh farmer's market

last week i had the opportunity to spend a little time in raleigh at the north carolina home builders' association's annual legislative conference. i've been involved with the professional women in building arm of the organization through my work with habitat, but i like the ladies so much i've remained engaged even without habitat as my employer. next to our hotel in downtown on wednesday where the conference took place, the raleigh farmer's market set up shop. despite the fact that i sweat like a man in my wool crepe suit, it was fun browsing the booths and taking advantage of free samples. i bought a gorgeous bouquet for my hostess with the mostest for only $5 (see photo below) and took a few other fun shots as well. i love the irony of farmers markets in a city - it combines urban and rural in such a lovely, functional way!  


graysea said...

I love these pictures! Did you take them with instagram?

chelsea said...

nope! unfortunately i'm still living in the prehistoric age where i use a camera and then edit like crazy. i'm a fan of picnik.com. so happy you like them, though!