summer lovin'

while it's no secret that me and about 17 million other girls love anthro with all our pretty little hearts, and while most of you reading have likely already seen it, i just can't get over the newest summer catalog (issue 6). while i always appreciate the catalogs' vibes (and have every single one from the past six or so years on my bookshelf because they're really great for framing, crafting and because they're too pretty to throw away) they aren't always the most practical fashion inspiration. i love anthro's merchandise, but it's often that their pages are styled a bit too crazy to translate in to an outfit that wouldn't make me look like a fool at wal-mart or any of the other mundane places that make-up my everyday suburban life.

that's why this particular catalog is so fantastic. it's still great inspiration but features looks that i would actually love to wear. since yesterday, i think i have looked at it approximately five times. and i haven't even been home that much. take, for example, a few of my favorite things...

filtered light tunic. i have found it difficult to find the perfect breezy tunic/caftan. this one might just be it. too bad it costs more than i am willing to pay. sale? probably not unless it's approximately 80% off.

gathering breeze dress. (also pictured above.) i don't usually go for strapless a) because my shoulders are broader than i'd like and b) because they're annoying to wear, but this one is so dreamy. i also think it would make an exceptionally great bridesmaid dress. love.

million pleats midi. my favorite thing in the catalog, hands down. in fact, i would very much like to wear this entire outfit. i'll be scouring the goodwill for a similar vintage piece. there has to be a formerly frumpy grandma skirt out there that i can salvage, right?

in a pod necklace. this is just so different and statement-y. now i will be looking for a similar knockoff at f21 and charlotte russe. (where there are excellent baubles that do not cost $268.) also,  lacey's sweet mom laurie just bought me a poncho/sweater that looks a lot like this at the goodwill. thanks, laurie - i love it!

backswept dress. here's the thing. i feel like i should now share with you that never have i actually bought any item of clothing at anthro. ever. i have a belt from there and quite a few housewares, but no clothes. i attempt to recreate the same looks, but i just cannot justify spending this much money on clothes, no matter how lovely. and this dress is a prime example. i (kind of) know how to sew. my mom really knows how to sew. and this dress recreation is a summer project about which i am very excited. i'll keep you posted.

so...don't you want to go shopping? that's what i did all day today, actually. but at the goodwill. and boy, did i score some sweet deals. stay tuned!

all images via anthropologie


lacey said...

pretty! my fave is the tunic.

Gray Sea said...

Awesome post, and I totally agree with you. I made aaron look at the catalogue with me but after complementing the clothes we mostly just gawked when we saw how much they were. I hope you post your sewing adventures!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! We're gonna sew!! You'll look great in this dress! I love you "sew" much!!