hello, monday!

good morning!
or, geez, it's practically already afternoon! i can't tell you why especially, but i'm extremely excited about this week. i don't really have anything earth-shattering on the calendar aside from some fun dates with friends, i'm just feeling extra excited about it. sometimes (most times) i feel like a loser without a job, but sometimes unemployment is very fun. like today. over the past week, i've blogged very little, so here's an update. i...

- started running (and by running i mean jogging very slowly) again. so sore i can barely walk, but this song makes me want to run like phoebe anyway.
- visited the yogurt lab for the first time. i definitely prefer yoforia and pinkberry, but i do like the "add your own toppings" bar. it's so exciting.
- had a play day in cornelius/davidson with mom. we took an extra long goodwill visit (where mom scored the cutest jcrew blazer ever - so jealous), the soda shop and art sanctuary in downtown davidson, and our favorites, the oak street mill and the bradford store.
- was terrorized (slight exaggeration) by giant cockroaches in my house. sick. thankgoodness for the bug man. i think i might love him. 
- took a quick but fabulous 24-hour trip to southern pines to hang with lacey, sarah and company. took zero pictures but we shopped, drank coffee, margaritas and mcd's frozen strawberry lemonades, ate at mellow mushroom and c cups, played a little family corn hole, checked out a late night movie, and spent a lot of quality time in our pj's.
- bought and planted flowers, basil, and cilantro at my house. i have about 900 mosquito bites, but it was worth it. pictures to come! i'm very excited for my zinnias to grow.
- wore my fedora 85% of the time.
- baked gracie's flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. so delish.
- took a very successful trip to mighty dollar where i stocked up on super cute bangle bracelets, sweet gund baby gifts, ipod/phone accessories (name brand wall charger and earbuds. for $1. seriously?), a garlic press and more crafting supplies
- was asked to teach in zumba class while our regular teacher is on vacay in a few weeks. i'm teaching a hip-hop dance to this song and i'm so superduper excited. white girl alert.
- made homemade tomato bruschetta with aforementioned garlic press and fresh, local tomatoes and basil. yum.

here's to a great week ahead! see you soon!

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The Wanna-be Southern Belle said...

look at you go! Unemployment doesn't sound so bad to me :)