happy thursday!

hey remember that time i had a blog!?
life is so busy lately and i'm exhausted, but happy. i don't mind a little busy but unfortunately my energy for creating blog posts has diminished significantly.  this post isn't very inspired, i'm afraid, but i just had to share a few things that are making me very happy these days...

1. all the little yellow leaves lining the sidewalks on tryon street and that bluster up in the air when the buses drive by. they're also quite slippery when it's raining, in case you didn't know.

2. the free orange spice tea at my office. my grandma used to drink it when i was little (she may, still, actually) and the smell reminds me of her and fall/christmas. and it still has enough caffeine to give me a kick in the morning as the office coffee may be the worst i've ever tasted.

3. trader joe's candy cane joe joes are back! i'm about ten minutes away from breaking open the first box of the season.

4. this story that my mom emailed me today that a kid at her school told her: "you know how rocks are really hard and pointy sometimes? this one time i fell asleep, and when i woke up, it was dinnertime."
no joke. our education system at its finest, people. if you understand this story, please message me.

5. driving past johnson & wales university when it's dark out and seeing all the chefs inside wearing their hats and coats working/studying. they remind me of the keebler elves. in a good, non-creepy way.

6. my two computer monitors at the office. our tech guy installed an extra computer monitor for me a few days after i started. apparently it can increase productivity up to 30%. i had no idea what i was missing with just one lousy monitor. and it definitely makes projects a lot easier. now i want one for my laptop at home.

7. the crazy target lady. how can she not make you happy? i personally love the ad where she's looking at the two-day sale ad and screaming from pure, unadulterated joy. glad i'm not the only one who gets seriously amped about a big sale. and who wears pearls with tracksuits. (just kidding. sort of.)

8. the inside of caribou coffee. it's like christmas exploded with argyle, white lights and delicious coffee smells. get yourself to one quick.

happy thursday! what's making you happy today?

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Anonymous said...

hi chelsea, loved your happy thoughts. having eyes to see and feel the simple joys in life is priceless. i love seeing the world thru your and laceys eyes and words. keeps an old lady young. hugs

Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty said...

LOL the crazy Target lady!!! :) Love this post Chelsea! Heart chu! :) xoxo