working girl

there are so many things i need to be doing right about now, but guess what? i have a job! i'm officially employed! i have an office and a computer (with two monitors) and business cards and an IT guy at my beck and call! and guess what else? i work in uptown! freaking finally! i love being somewhere where there's hustle and bustle and more than two restaurant options. and people, it's awesome. i keep grinning randomly at strangers while walking down the street on my lunch hour because it's just all so wonderful. i'm not sure why the Lord asked me to wait so long for this particular position, but i am so thankful for His provision and for putting me right where He wants me. and for giving me a paycheck and four major coffee shops within walking distance. and for all the beautiful men i get to see in suits every day.
this first week of working and commuting and dodging major I-85 closings has been really taxing. liam has separation anxiety. i'm exhausted. tomorrow i have to drive to south carolina for a fundraiser event. so it's really important that i stop blogging and get serious about packing my lunch, but at some point soon i will adjust to my new schedule and stop being a zombie.
halloween is over and the holidays are finally on the way. and i am so very thankful.

image via shannoneileen and ruche


Laura said...

I'm so excited for you! Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

God is good . . . above and beyond just what we need. I mean, you needed a job but you didn't need the "beautiful men" and the "four major coffee shops". And yet - He provided those as well! Happy! Happy!