just an update

so this one time i got a job and my life went from about 60mph to 150mph. holy mack.
i am so happy, however, to have a job that i like, to be a valuable part of team, to be able to use my skills and do what i love on behalf of a noble cause. i'm also happy that it's fall, that the red cups at starbucks are back, that there are christmas commercials on television again, that i currently have a coupon for a free chick-fil-a sandwich and that i get to see my best friends this weekend. life (and God) is good.

image via kellymccaleb

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Anonymous said...

hi lady, tried to send you a comment yesterday, but alas i couldnt figure out how to. so trying again. love you adorable blog, thoughts, words, humor and photos. keep it up. your blog goes great with my morning coffee.