i've got a dollar

shopping at mighty dollar (probably the greatest dollar store on the planet) is one of my favorite activities. everything is a dollar. meaning if i like/want something, it's mine. i don't have to wonder whether or not it's affordable or practical. and the other day i stopped in for one thing and hit the crafting jackpot.

pictured above:
3 amy butler designer mat pads (perfect for matting photographs, making everything, etc.)
2 alphabet pads (which include four sets each of super fun, flourishy punch-out letters)
1 martha stewart crafts metallic pen
1 three-banner craft set (which includes cute items and glitter letters to make "kiss", "sweet", and "love" banners. perfect for future bachelorette parties or v-day.)
1 "just married" banner craft set
2 birdcage hooks (which came in a 2 for $1 set. and the tiny little cage doors even open and close.)

not pictured, i picked up a giant package of three colors of bakers twine (best creation ever) and a few other knick knacks. i spent a grand total of $12 and walked away one happy girl.

for the record, amy butler designer mat pads cost about $6 each at michael's. just saying.

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lacey said...

that is some seriously good crafting stuff! shootdang.