food coma

i'm just going to come out and say it: i lovelovelove pancakes. in fact, they rank right up there with pizza and cake as some of my very favorite-could-eat-them-every-day foods (healthy, i know). i love making pancakes on lazy mornings and look forward to cooking them every weekend for my kids some day.  i'm personally a huge fan of trader joe's multigrain mix for the do-it-yourself version, and i'm also partial to cracker barrel's delicious fruity ones. but the best of the best come once a year at our local boys and girls' club pancake day fundraiser.
i've grown up going to this event, and practically everybody in the area takes some time out of their day and six dollars out of their pocket to attend.  i can guarantee that no matter when i go, i'll always run in to a handful of people i know. it's nothing fancy - giant plate-size pancakes served hot off the griddle by well-known men in the community and eaten at long tables with plastic silverware in the boys' club gymnasium, but it's one of my very favorite days of the year and a great event for a great organization. i love that while concord's population has exploded over the past ten years, certain traditions remain the same, and it still feels like a small town sometimes. (even though i did wait in line for 45 minutes for my pancakes tonight.) today i enjoyed pancakes for both lunch and dinner and can now officially say that i need to "lie down and be very still" (blair's words, not mine) while all those carbs and sugar digest.  i'm pretty sure, however, it was worth every last calorie.

image via http://www.nevermadesensetothem.tumblr.com

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