hello delicious weekend!

it might be a little rainy tonight, but here are some reasons why this weekend already has been and will be just fabulous:

1. shopped at hobby lobby for springtime home goods (i'm getting crafty - we'll see how it goes)
2. ate japanese takeout on the living room floor with my parents while watching jeopardy and wheel
3. first thunderstorm of the season! yessss.
4. i hate valentines day dvd and two unread martha stewart spring magazines

1. grand opening of mighty dollar (aka the greatest dollar store on the planet) party
2. inevitable trip to starbucks following early morning shopping extravaganza
3. packing up winter clothes/decor and bringing on the spring!
4. uptown date with blair to see nc dance theatre/jean pierre bonnefoux's cinderella at the new knight theater (we've got second row seats!)

1. more craftiness and decorating
2. young life leader/committee bunco night

dude, i'm so excited. hope your weekend is amazing as well!

image via tumblr

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