a snowy series

as you may have noticed if you've read my blog over time, i have a serious obsession with tree branches in winter. i decorate with them. i take too many pictures of them. i steal them off the side of the road when my my neighbors cut down trees and put the branches out on the curb to be picked up. i just think they're gorgeous in a very minimalist way. i even went a little crazy this winter and glittered up a giant bunch of them in a vase with silver and pink glitter.
anyway, in a last little salute to winter, here are a few shots i snapped during our last big snow a couple of weeks back. if you think branches are pretty bare in the winter, try them covered in snow. i woke up early on saturday morning, put my rubber boots on with my pj's and a big sweater, and walked down my street enjoying the beauty.

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