cheap thrill

two weeks ago, a great thing happened in kannapolis. i woke with the sun and joined a loooong line stretching through the entire plaza early saturday morning in anticipation of the grand opening of mighty dollar. unlike other "everything's a dollar" stores, none of the products in mighty dollar were originally meant to be sold for $1. think of it like big lots or tjmaxx, but cheaper. all of the products are closeouts from other places and there are some fabulous things there. my two visits so far, i've seen:

- nine west and $48 perry ellis sunglasses (original tags still attached)
- krylon spray paint
- family size boxes of toy story cheese-its
- fair trade bangle bracelets made by women in india ($10 originally - tags still attached)
- sunsilk hair products
- super cute leather passport covers
- great flower vases/crocks from 1-800-flowers
- hardcover brand name cookbooks
- full-size and mini party lanterns in varying colors/shapes/sizes
- tons of different scrapbook paper packs (these are at least $5 each at michael's)
- cute cute giant coffee mugs (my favorite size of coffee mugs)

obviously, i'm going to become a regular here. above are some of the super duper things i got during my last visit. jealous? don't be - come visit me and we can go shopping, or check out some of the other locations in the area.

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