j'aime le petit déjeuner

it always seems to happen when i'm visiting new cities -  i stumble upon amazing breakfast places, and my time in DC was no different. several blocks from my hotel, in georgetown, i hit le pain quotidien for breakfast mainly because the name was french and it looked delicious from the street. i couldn't have been more right - apparently the restaurant is a large international chain but has a great philosophy. they use all organic ingredients, cultivate relationships with local farmers, use reclaimed wood and environmentally friendly materials in construction, and each location even has a "communal table" - a long table in the middle of the restaurant designed to bring people together. i snapped a few shots while enjoying my delicious organic latte (which was served in a bowl, comme les français) and pastry early saturday morning - enjoy!

the communal table - made from reclaimed wood and probably at least fifteen feet long. it was beautiful!

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