the one where i tell you about dc - a post by lacey

**note from chelsea** once, lacey sent me a blog post about her trip to dc in october and i posted it in march. not on purpose, it just kind of happened. this is probably why lacey hasn't posted anything new since then and probably why i don't deserve to be her friend. so tell her you want her to keep posting about her super cool life/job/house in raleigh, please, because i want her back, too!

home again! two weekends ago i made a trip to dc to visit my bestie bec and craft it up at a big arts and crafts fair. we had a ball to say the least. instead of blab on and on about it, i thought i show you some choice photos from our weekend and commentate on them. take a look!

this is the "make something awesome" table. it was covered in scrap cloth and instructions to make pumpkin pincushions and other such things.

this is basically how i felt about the craft fair. 

this was my favorite booth. they made everything out of old maps-journals, note card and envelope sets, magnets, etc. 

this was about 1/4 of all the booths at the fair. i think i want to invest in my own booth next year! of course, crafting wasn't all we got into...

we revived our lagging caffeine levels at tryst, a very relaxed bar/coffee shop/restaurant in adams morgan...

dined at hotspot busboys and poets...

and danced the night away after dinner.

the trip was short, but it was a wonderful mini-vacation. i'm saving up my pennies so i can make the trip again soon!

until next week, (or march...)

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