from russia with love

oh my goodness. i opened my mailbox an hour or so ago and literally gasped in excitement - the jcrew fall catalog is here! and it wasn't just the prospect of delicious styling and italian car coats that made me giddy with excitement; it was the gorgeous cashmere-clad ballerinas staring back at me on the cover! i 'm so smitten! ballerinas still captivate me in the same way they did when i was a girl. they are the epitome of grace and beauty and i still want to be one when i grow up.

in case you're interested, the catalog was shot at the renowned yakobson and mariinsky companies (home to greats like mikhail baryshnikov, who, if you're not into ballet also played carrie bradshaw's artist boyfriend aleksandr petrovsky in the final episodes of sex and the city) in st. petersburg, russia.

if no one else, jcrew sure knows how to sell me a cashmere sweater. and perhaps a tutu, if those are for sale?

all images via jcrew

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