looking up

good monday morning, friends! i'm fresh off a wonderful weekend in southern pines and things are looking up around here...
1. i found my missing camera cord, which means all of my back-logged blog posts are coming your way this week.
2. i sewed a fab dress with which i am completely obsessed and about which you are going to have the pleasure of reading.
3. last week was really, really awful. which means this week can only be better. in the meantime, last week's stress and depression have made me skinnier than usual and unable to sleep more than a few hours at once. i'm embracing both of these incentives while i can.
4. i bought a serious trunkload of fun and unncessary thrift store and yard sale treasures while in southern pines this weekend. if that doesn't cheer you up, i don't know what will.

5. bestie sarah is having a......gender reveal party tonight! ahhhh! i'm voting girl.
6. bestie lacey starts her fab new job today!
7. the second-half of august is upon us and fall is coming fast.
8. it's 8:00am and i've already accomplished about two hours worth of things.

here's to a great week. i can feel it.

image via ban.do

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