one dress, three ways (part two)

over the last several months, i've had the awesome opportunity to do some volunteer work at our local chamber of commerce, which has been really fun. it's great to feel like i'm contributing to something, to stay engaged in the community and to wear pretty, professional clothes instead of comfortable, stretchy clothes every day of the week. i'm beyond ready to have a job again, so it's been really great to work a little, even if there isn't a paycheck involved.

so, i wore outfit number two to the chamber a few weeks ago, and i love the way it came out. it was one of those days right after all the intense heat and humidity that wasn't so bad, and i felt breezy and pretty. it was inspired by the original atlantic-pacific outfit, and as fall hits, i plan to wear it with a trench as well.

blazer: goodwill
shoes: kohls via goodwil
clutch: 0.50 at a thrift store
necklaces: antique store, american eagle, yard sale
bracelets: forever 21
watch: men's merona from target

see you tomorrow for the third and final look!

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lacey said...

loooove these two posts! you are the world's greatest seamstress. fact.