if the shoe fits...

designer alexander wang's fall shoe collection includes this little beauty - the anais high tassle loafer. while the shoe itself is mirrored silver, it completely reminds me of cinderella's infamous glass slipper:

don't they look remarkably similar? i wonder if it's pure coincidence, or if disney princesses are suddenly high fashion inspiration. given my lifelong aspiration to be a princess (preferably cinderella, belle, kate middleton or barbie) when i grow up, i'm pretty sure i'd support that trend. anyhow, i think this shiny loafer is about the closest thing you can find to cindy's glass slipper short of wearing an actual glass slipper (which seems dangerous and impossible) or a clear plastic version (which, let's face it, says "i'm secretly a stripper"). despite my future royal career goals, i wouldn't wear these particular shoes unless my name was lady gaga, but for $650 at saks, they can be yours. you may need a prince to buy them and you best believe at that price you won't be losing one any time soon.

images: 1.refinery29 2.google


Blair said...

i think clear plastic shoes actually says "yes, i am indeed a stripper and i'm on my way to work right now" ;)

chelsea said...

or, they say, "i find formal occasions to be a great opportunity to dress like a stripper."