one dress, three ways (part three)

hello, friends!
welcome to day three of my fun little series! i actually haven't officially worn this particular outfit yet, but it's only a matter of time (which, hopefully will be sooner than later). i think gray, navy and brown are the single most wonderful color combination. they're not too matchy but they still look fresh and pulled together.

i spent the majority of this little photo shoot sweating my butt off, by the way. beyond ready for fall! i love how this dress will transition really easily. i may even try it out with some colored tights and a heavier blazer come late fall.

hopefully you've enjoyed my attempts at mixing up my closet - playing with pieces is beyond fun for me! and special thanks to my mom for playing photographer and helping make these posts possible.

also, if you use your imagination in this last photograph, it kind of looks like fall a little bit. hooray!

dress: self-made
sweater: goodwill
belt: thrift store
boots: steve madden via macy's
necklace: anthropologie (gift)
watch: men's pulsar
bag: h&m


Laura said...

though i loved the other looks, this one's definitely my fave. nice job!

seaofgray said...

I am really impressed that you MADE this dress. I like this look a lot and I know you'll enjoy wearing it. Why don't you wear it to Houston?? Come Visit we miss you! Again, very cool dress and great photos!