mad men

can we just talk about how much i l-o-v-e the new mad men collection at banana republic? i dress with a lot of 50's and 60's-era influence anyway, but oh my goodness. it's like they captured all of my favorite classic/signature looks in one collection! i already have virtually all of these silhouettes and styles in my closet. and, the colors and fabrics are making me so excited about fall, i can hardly stand it!

and while i have to admit i've never seen the show (i don't have cable), i think christina hendricks is one of the most beautiful women in hollywood. she's 36 and a natural blonde, both of which i find hard to believe. i think she is so much sexier than other actresses who are overly skinny, overly tanned and overly fake. doesn't this dress look exactly like something she'd wear?

this tie-neck blouse is my favorite thing in the collection. i love the look above with the black skirt and booties - i actually have a banana skirt that looks remarkably similar (from the goodwill, of course) so i'll have to try to recreate this look this fall.

and, while we're at it, i'm also loving the liquid eyeliner cat-eye and red lipstick look. i'm a little afraid of liquid eyeliner, but i may have to give this a try. i've been rocking a very similar bun/french twist updo lately, so why not add the make-up?

christina hendricks image via thecitrusreport. all other images via bananarepublic

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April said...

Oh man. I am totally loving this new BR collection too! That magenta skirt with the gray leopard cardigan is so stinkin' cute!

And yes, Christina Hendricks is so beautiful! I love her!