christmas came early!

if you haven't yet noticed: christmas is coming! target is completely made over, starbucks is handing out red cups again, and the world is becoming a little happier. i've even been jamming out to my ultimate christmas mix (more on that later). you can get excited about all the fun, festive posts i'm planning, which will start after thanksgiving since some people get really weird about christmas coming early. i am not those people. i'm those annoying people who like every little bit of christmas, like jimmy stewart at the end of "it's a wonderful life", or ebeneezer scrooge at the end of "a christmas carol". i get really excited very early and this year is no exception.
anyways, christmas came a little early for me this year. i browse thrift stores weekly and generally find some treasure but i hit the jackpot on halloween. i was browsing the shelves at the local crusty but often rewarding "value village". most retail stores are more like me, assuming that christmas season starts when halloween ends, so the employees were stocking the place with lots of secondhand christmas goodies. stuffed at the end of one of the unorganized dusty shelves i found two boxes of pink vintage shiny brite ornaments (circa 1950's) for $1.21 per box! i was so excited! the ornaments are completely intact (except for one random gold one that i love so i don't mind) and in their original boxes. i just priced these on ebay and they generally run up to $30 a box. the paint on these beauties is all crackly and i keep taking them out of the closet and admiring them. i can't wait to find a happy home for them when it's time to haul the all christmas decor out of the attic and i should probably warn you to get excited about blooming branch's month of christmas coming soon!

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Blair said...

what a fabulous find!!