fifty little things (i love about christmas)

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thanksgiving's over folks. after an early morning of nursing the turkey hangover while fighting off serious power-shoppers at target, and an afternoon of trimming not one, but two trees, it is totally offically, no more excuses, CHRISTMASTIME. it is also, coincidentally, my fiftieth blog post since i started blooming branch back in the fall, so, in celebration of both monumental events, here is my little list of fifty things i love about christmas. hope you enjoy, and for goodness sakes turn on some bing crosby and put up your tree. we have less than a month to enjoy the merriment!

1. non-stop holiday songs on the radio.
2. tacky christmas sweaters
3. eggnog in my coffee (you should try it instead of wasting your money on crappy flavored creamers. so delicious.)
4. christmas lights everywhere
5. the smell of evergreen
6. salvation army bell-ringers
7. seeing santa at the mall (no, i don't sit on his lap, but i do get super excited when i walk by his throne.)
8. finding ornaments and decorations packed away about which i'd forgotten
9. holiday parties
10. the cabarrus dance academy's annual christmas ballet
11. christmas eve service at church (my favorite!)
12. shop windows downtown
13. christmas specials on television
14. all the festive excitement at the mall (even with the crowds i like it!)
15. red cups at starbucks
16. watching kids get so psyched about santa
17. baking christmas cookies
18. helping mom decorate the house
19. vanilla bean noel lotion at bath and body works
20. christmas issues of all my favorite magazines
21. baking our family's annual buche de noel (yule log)
22. watching my cat play with/destroy the christmas ornaments
23. wrapping presents
24. christmas eve dinner with my family
25. getting christmas cards (especially the ones with enclosed photos)
26. shopping for angel tree kids and operation christmas child boxes - so much fun!
27. singing carols at church
28. stuffing stockings - my favorite part of christmas presents
29. black friday shopping with my mom
30. christmas movies (stay tuned for a post on these in the future!)
31. fake christmas eve/day with sarah and lacey
32. the annual concord christmas parade
33. old-fashioned ornaments/decorations
34. holiday poker games with my parents and brother
35. falling asleep on christmas eve
36. cinnamon buns and orange rolls for breakfast on christmas morning
37. decorating the tree with my family
38. watching regis and kelly's holiday special on december 24th (don't ask me why - i've watched it every year since kathie lee was around)
39. helping my dad shop for my mom
40. watching people open presents i've given them
41. christmas coca-cola commercials
42. christmas tree lots
43. candles
44. nativity sets
45. hot chocolate with peppermint
46. celebrating advent, and not just christmas eve/day
47. ice skating
48. our annual breakfast reunion with all of my high school friends
49. leftovers!
50. my parents' snowman clock that chimes a different christmas carol every hour (sounds tacky, but is actually quite awesome)

whew. what a list. what are some of your holiday favorites? (is there seriously something i left out?)

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Mary Landry said...

Hey I found your blog! I didn't really realize you had one. Cool beans. Anyway, I have one too but it is ultra-lame. It was supposed to be like update thing, but then I realized that nothing in my life ever really changes a lot. And also who would want to read that crap. haha.
Anyway, maybe you can give me some pointers about how to blog for a possibly non-existent audience? holler.
see you tonight!!! what shall we do? no ideas yet.