i am thankful for...

painting "the first thanksgiving" by jean louis gerome ferris

happy thanksgiving everyone! i have finally managed to pull myself off the couch and get out of my pj's (the macy's parade gets my full attention for the entire three hours. except today, when i fell asleep on the couch after david archuleta's float came by. i did, however, wake up in time for santa.) and the smell of our turkey cooking is filling the air. i am so fortunate to spend this day with my family and i hope you have a blessed day as well. here are a few things i am thankful for this year!
  1. my family - i am so blessed to have such wonderful relatives! my immediate family is incredible, as are my grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. i love you all!
  2. our house - as much as a i am planning to get a place of my own soon, i love living with my parents for the moment. our home is warm and inviting and i certainly don't have it too badly.
  3. my friends - i have so many wonderful girlfriends who make everything so much more fun.
  4. starbucks - it just makes my life happier. end of story.
  5. chilly weather - this fall has been unseasonably cool. i couldn't be happier about it.
  6. part-time jobs - yes, in all honesty they kind of suck, but i am so thankful for mine since i've been unable to find a full-time position for several months (stupid economy). if it weren't for them, i'd be flat broke and bored out of my mind.
  7. my mom's cooking skills - she passed all her knowledge down to me and i am so grateful. i absolutely love to cook and i am thrilled she has shared such a wonderful hobby with me!
  8. thrift stores - my room and closet would be missing so many fun things without them, and i would be bored. treasure hunting is so much fun!
  9. my cat, kitty - she brings me joy every day (if you met her, you'd understand why).
  10. the fact that i'm not in control - in general i really like to be in charge. but when it comes to big big things like my life, i'm really glad that someone who knows a heck of a lot more than i do about things is taking care of it for me. it's a good feeling, especially in this time of waiting that i've been experiencing lately. it's nice to trust someone else for a change.
overall, i am so blessed and thankful for the gifts god has given me. i often focus more on the negatives in my life but i am grateful for this day to remind me that i have so much - including a savior who loves me more than anything and is always in control.

happy thanksgiving!

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