treasure hunting - a post by lacey

Hello! My name is Lacey, and I have the privilege of being today's guest blogger. Chelsea and I have been besties since sophomore year in college, and when she asked me if I would be interested in doing a guest spot, while I was flattered and excited at the possibility, I really didn't know why she asked ME. She has plenty of other friends who are much cooler than I am. I mean, I live at home with my parents, I answer phones for a living-I don't even have a blog of my own! But then I thought about it a little longer. I do drive a stick shift, I make a mean chicken burger and I have seen the Beach Boys live in concert. I guess I am rather cool. Fall is my all-time mostest favoritest time of the year. I love the colors of the leaves, I love bundling up in scarves and tights, I love drinking hot lattes and I especially love that colder weather means Christmas is on its way. (Christmas!) Perhaps the only thing that makes me a little sad about this time of the year is that Fall signals the end of Saturday morning yard sales. I am not ashamed to admit that I love a good yard sale. There's nothing like hitting several good sales in a row. What a high. That blissful emotion sometimes comes out like this: "Ohmygosh! ANOTHER Richard Simmons workout video? Is Lady Luck on my side today or what?!" Anyone relating with me? Unless you're on of those swanky people who "winter" in Florida or California where it's delightfully warm in January, there is a point in late Fall where it just gets too cold to go yard saling. So today I am dedicating my post to some of the glorious finds I happened upon during my many yard sale excursions this past Summer. Get ready to be blown away. You may experience intense feelings of jealousy.

This amazing chair was picked up for $5 at a sale in town. Doesn't it look like it should be sitting on the deck of a home in the Adirondacks? I love the style, although I'm still trying to find the perfect mustard/canary/gold color to paint it. I think I made a bad decision with this color called "Happy Jonquil." The name itself should have been a dead giveaway.

I got this wooden silver platter this past Saturday, and it's already covered in my arts and crafts mess. I haggled the gentleman having the sale down from $50 to $1. Ok, not really. I hate haggling. I paid $3 for it. But it was worth $3. I mean, look at that shine.

I recently got this gorgeous knee-length winter coat at a sale for $5. It may look fancy, but I like to fool people into thinking I have an exciting life by dressing up for a stop at Starbucks. "Oh, wow. She looks dressed up. Fancy dinner party? Date night?" I like to leave them guessing. I'm the only one who has to know I was in my PJ's all day up until then.

This bike is not actually my own sweet find but my mom's. When I told her what I was doing, she got very excited and wanted me to showcase her red bike that cannot actually be ridden. It's rusty, the tires are flat, but doesn't it look homey and cute propped against the studio?

I can understand if, at this point, you are feeling ridiculously jealous of my knack for finding incredible deals. The only advice I can give you is to keep getting up on Saturday mornings at the crack of dawn, grab your coffee, grab your bad hair day hat and get out there! Also, don't be afraid to elbow a random grandma or two if you think they might be a threat.
Have a great rest of your week!


B said...

Love your post, Lacey!!! And love the whole garage sale scene, too....I am a bit jealous. Looks like there's going to be a good one off Indiana tomorrow. I'll have to get up early to beat you there! :) I'm going to add this blog to my roll so I can keep updated on new posts.

Chelsea, I don't know you (unless you're Lacey's friend that my husband hit in the eye with a lobster claw rubber band??? Long story, if not...If so, I'm really sorry.) ...but I love your blog and am so happy to see a young woman who loves the Lord and isn't ashamed to put her faith out there for all to see. I love black*eiffel, by the way, and will check out other blogs on your list.

Happy blogging, ladies! B.

chelsea said...

that WAS me that your husband hit in the eye with a lobster rubber band! haha! what a funny night that was...and i've been hit in the eye with a lot of things (two footballs, a frisbee, my finger) so the rubber band is just something to add to the list!
thanks for your kind words and for checking out blooming branch! :o) glad to have you!

lacey said...

hey neighbor b! i'm glad you enjoyed chelsea's blog/my post! :-) chelsea is one fantastic lady. we laugh about the "lobster claw rubber band" story pretty much every time we get together. i have fun reading her blog. what is your blog site?

Sondie said...

I know Lacey...I can see her house from mine. What a great blog you have here.

I have made some GREAT yard sale finds this past summer as well.

Nice to see a young girl blog with a focus on faith.

Hold onto your faith and your friendship with one another.


Anonymous said...

Did the lobster claw thing really look like an accident? I am soo clever...Can't wait to meet you again..this time with skewers! Keep smiling...btw I Love you Lacey

lacey said...

hey mr. furbs! love you too! :-)