the coolest girl i know

i read a book recently with this quote:

" life is an ugly, awful place not to have a best friend." - sarah dessen, someone like you

and isn't it true? sometimes when i'm feeling sorry for myself i have to remember that god gave me a couple of amazing friends with whom i can weather any storm. one of those girls happens to be lacey, a best best friend whom i met during my sophomore year of college. she lived on the ground floor of my dorm while i partied in a corner room by myself on the second (and yes, i even had my own bathroom, which works out well since i seemed to miss out on learning how to share in nursery school). neither of us are actually sure how we started hanging out so much but i'm pretty sure greatness just attracts itself. after that, we were basically inseparable, along with another classmate and equally awesome lady, sarah. while most other college students were drinking their weight in warm pbr's, lacey and i chugged more chai lattes than i can count, studied a little, played a lot, and made lots of people wish they were cool enough to be friends with us.
thankfully, our friendship is now stronger than ever as we have overcome distance, break-ups, living with our parents, and becoming adults. i am so blessed to have lacey as my friend! here are a few of my favorite things about her:

  1. her closet is full of awesome clothes that she lets me borrow
  2. she loves jesus a lot
  3. she drives a stick shift
  4. she likes box wine
  5. she has her own line of cards and paper products (see them here) and is amazingly creative in every sense of the word
  6. she inspires me
  7. she is the best car dancer i have ever met
  8. she has no problem acting stupid in front of other people
  9. she has the coolest family ever
  10. she makes me laugh A-LOT
  11. she's really hot
  12. she lives in a really cool town

so get this: as thursdays are terribly busy for me, lacey is going to be guest blogging here at blooming branch each thursday! how EXCITED are you!? i know i am! so enjoy her first post and stay tuned for more! yay!

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