it's the BIG day!

image via kissmygumbo.com

guess what!? it's ELECTION DAY! after a long and glorious weekend i am back in town and will be heading to the polls soon to brave the lines and make my voice heard. after nearly two years of presidential campaigning, i am so excited to finally have this monumental election play out and be over with, as i'm sure are most americans. (are political ads driving you crazy, too?)
anyways, i'll be blunt. don't be stupid. don't make excuses. go out and vote - it's such a wonderful privilege we have as americans. see you at the polls!
p.s. as if taking part in choosing our leaders isn't enough of a reason to vote, starbucks is giving away free tall coffee (!!!) and ben and jerry's is giving away free cones with your "i voted" sticker. the right to vote AND free starbucks - there are some things i just love about being an american!

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Aunt Dawnnie said...

Hi darlin' We have your dad for the weekend! Miss your face and LOVE your blog! I am going to show Kaylee this...... she will LOVE IT!!!
God Bless you chick!!!
Dawn <><