saturday staple

here's a little list of things that i love:

1. shopping
2. contests
3. free stuff
4. chunky jewelry
5. giant bags
6. weekends
7. winning

today, my good friend blair over at the other sister called me to tell me about this wonderful contest that incorporates my love for all things listed above. the shabby apple is a super-cute website featuring easy-to-wear dresses, and cute accessories to wear with them. being a super girly-girl myself, i love dresses (especially ones you can just wear and go), so i am certainly smitten with this site's adorable frocks.
even better, shabby apple's cute cute blog is featuring a contest: make a cute vignette (or a complete outfit, if you're not familiar with that word) from its merchandise and if your look is selected, you can win it all! who doesn't like that!?
i tend to be a bit indecisive about, well, everything (unless it's something like wearing sandals with socks or panty lines. i'm pretty certain about how i feel in those areas.) so it took me forever to come up with this outfit. there were a number of cute dresses from which to choose but i am really happy with the way my vignette, saturday staple, came out. it's just the right amount of everything and i love the teal and pink paired with the brown. i am also slightly obsessed with the boots.
if you haven't already guessed from my blog posts the past few months, fall is my favorite time of year, and this outfit is perfect for nearly every activity in october and november. i love fall weekends more than anything but i usually end up feeling frumpy and not-so-cute when i bundle up in comfy clothes for my saturday routine of errands and thrifting. i think this outfit would be perfect to wear on those saturdays, especially with an ivory cable sweater coat (if it's cold) and a magenta snakeskin belt that i have. it is casual and comfy enough for the weekend but looks so much more pulled together than my jeans and chuck taylors that are my usual saturday favorites. this look says "i am feminine, creative, and ambitious" without looking over-the-top. i just love it!

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Blair said...

thanks for the stiff competition :)