merry apothecaries

i've already made my christmas list and tacked it on my parents' refrigerator, and i have absolutely nowhere to put these, but i totally, completely, love apothecary jars. for starters, they're nostalgic, which makes them really fun, especially at christmas. in addition, they're completely versatile and can be used in virtually any room, and lastly, they are a great christmas present given empty or filled or fun christmasy things (in this case, you wouldn't even need to wrap them!). check out these images and check off all those hard-to-buy-fors on your gift list.
probably my favorite option: jars full of pretty candy...i certainly wouldn't turn down one (or three) filled with hot tamales. very useful in the bathroom - can hold sponges, soaps, cotton balls, hand towels, and the list goes on...
wine corks are a fun idea. especially since i think they're too pretty to toss every time i open a bottle.
they even look kind of cool full of styrofoam peanuts. who knew?
a great christmas option - fill them with shiny ornaments. i think vintage pastel balls would be especially pretty.
these are looking very cool filled with goodies from nature. this would work especially well at christmas with holly, flocked pinecones, evergreen branches, while calla lilies, etc.
i like the lemons here. oranges, limes, pears, or apples would look cool in the kitchen.

the best part about these jars is that the above pictures are only a fraction of their uses. fill them with pasta or rice in the kitchen, jewelry, scarves or makeup brushes in the bedroom, beads, buttons, or miscellaneous tchotkes (my favorite word ever) for gifts, the possibilities are endless. check out these reasonable ones and you'll still have time to drink some eggnog and take a long winter's nap while winning the award for the coolest gifts!

* target has a cool mercury glass one available (and on sale at $31.99). this one is only available online, but i've seen a few in the store with the christmas decor as well.
* this set of three from sears is so pretty and a steal at only $24.99.
* another cheap-o set from qvc - three for $29.75!
* several varying sizes/shapes/prices from saveoncrafts.com

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