red and green is so 2007

as i mentioned in a post last week, i really like using untraditional color combinations for christmas. right now, i am on a crazy pastel kick. am loving every possible decoration in those colors and if i had an unlimited budget and a fantastic apartment to deck, i would go for an ethereal christmas look this year with lots of bird, deer and natural motifs and lots of minty greens and blues and silvers. unfortunately i have neither tons of cash (who does this year!?) or my own space to decorate so i'll have to save my pennies and my inspiration for another year. in the meantime, however, here are some other fantastic color schemes that do not involve using red and green together. enjoy!clearly i'm obsessed with tiffany blue. it incidentally looks great with silver, gold, green, and even red (as pictured above the text).hydrangeas at christmas! love it! also purply blue and green might be one of my new favorite color combos.an all white palette is so simple, yet still so glamorous looking.mostly different shades of green with a pop or two of blue again. so cute.
and, next up are my favorite favorite two images:
how gorgeous is this indoor mini tree grove? how great would this look in my dream ethereal christmas apartment? really great.and seriously, i want to live in this picture. i love every every everything about it! the colors are so untraditional yet it is still so christmasy!

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Blair said...

Chels! I love your style :)
You need to hurry up and get your own place, because as soon as you get married you have to decorate for a boy too-----which is sooooo overrated!