christmas is my mostest favoritest - a post by lacey

Merry merry Christmas! I feel very lucky to have had two of my posts land on two of my favorite holidays-Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why are they my favorites? Well, it's pretty simple. You get to watch a ginormous parade on one, and you get loads of pressies on the other. Terrible reasons? You're right, there's also turkey and ham.

Plan of Action for Christmas 2008:
*Wake up and get first cup of coffee
*Open stockings
*Get 2nd cup of coffee and put on reindeer antlers
*Start taking pictures of everyone and their bedhead
*Open presents from Santa, extended family and friends, immediate family (In that order. It's very important).
*Lug all of my loot to my room, pile it on my bed, and gaze upon it
*Get dressed and head to my dad and step-family's house for food and more pressies
*Come home and mope around the house because there are no more presents for me under our tree

Wow, that sounds completely self-absorbed...Who cares? I am so excited for Christmas 2008!
P.S. I'm always interested to know what peoples' Christmas traditions are. Everyone does something different-a fun gift game or a certain dish for Christmas dinner. What are yours? Spill, readers, spill! But no matter how you spend today, I hope every one of you have a great Christmas! See you next week!


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