christmas around the world

do you have those people on your christmas gift list that don't need anything, and whatever they want they can buy themselves? since it's the christmas season, a.k.a. the season of goodwill and charity, your problem is solved: the world vision gift catalog allows you to buy a gift for someone in need in honor of someone you love. world vision is a christian organization providing various relief and aid to nations in need across the globe. the gift catalog has tons of options in every price range ($10 and up) and instead of a generic donation, actually provides a specific material item to needy families around the world.
here are a few of my favorite options:

a goat for a family in haiti or kenya. ($75) this animal provides nourishment and welfare through its milk (which can be made into yogurt, butter, cheese, etc.) and its offspring (which can be sold for a price at the local market.) and let's face it, goats are just cute.
a chicken for a family. ($13) again, this animal's eggs can be both eaten and sold. i suggest giving it in tandem with the duck below for a friends fan's very own version of "a chick and a duck."
two ducks for a family. ($12) eggs and offspring can be sold for tuition and school supplies, medicine, and other necessities.
education for a child. ($32) this gift provides funds for uniforms, school supplies, necessary school fees, etc. everyone deserves an education, so why not give it as a gift this christmas?
malaria prevention for one family. ($20) many families cannot afford basic protection against this disease. this gift provides bed nets for a family as well as a basic education about ways to prevent and treat malaria.
this gift is my personal choice: hope for sexually exploited girls. ($25) i recently watched a dateline report on this growing problem in the world and was moved to tears about the horrific lives many young girls (as early as age five!) experience. this gift provides life-giving rehabilitation, counseling, and vocational training for girls rescued from their lives as child prostitutes.

i am really excited about this gift opportunity and encourage you to consider giving a gift to someone who really needs one - instead of another sweater vest to uncle david. the catalog online offers waaaay more gifts than i mentioned above, including many other categories such as healthcare, joy for kids, emergency aid, clothing and shelter, girls and women, and clean water. each gift comes with a beautiful card describing the details and your own personal message, to be passed on to a loved one. i can't imagine giving (or receiving) a better present. just think: you'll be making two people happy on christmas: your loved one, and a needy child/family/person halfway around the world!
images: 1. billfrymire.com 2-7.world vision

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