if the shoe doesn't fit, don't give up (especially if it's a peep toe!) - a post by lacey

High heels. Love them. What other fashion accessory instantly makes a woman feel sexier? As a bonus, even when you are having a "fat day", trying on shoes does not require much effort, and you only have to look at yourself from the ankle down. As much as I love heels, I have only recently learned to walk in them. Correction-I have only recently learned how to walk stiff-legged and not fall when walking up/down stairs. I'm making progress! How exciting! I can stand still with no problem. I mean, I'm the bomb at standing still in heels. I make it look easy. The problem begins when I start walking. My heels slip out of the backs of my shoes thus making me stumble and look like a complete doof. There's nothing sexy about stumbling around in heels. (That's an instant indication of a newbie.)
Believe me, I have practiced and practiced and practiced waling in heels. In college, I would walk up and down the halls of my dorm in my pajamas with heels on. I would do laundry with heels on. Even now, I putz around my house with heels on. Determination and patience have helped me gain a little confidence and slightly better footing (pun so intended), but what has recently helped me in a big way are a little invention by my close friend, Dr. Scholl.
I was whining about my pathetic walking in heels skills to a bunch of ladies at work, and one kind lady suggested that I try gel insoles. My ears perked up. Gel insoles? They sounded comfy. After work, I went to a shoe store and immediately inside the door was a whole rack of them. How had I not noticed them before? Oh yeah, probably because the three inch black peep toes in aisle two had always distracted me. I bought two pairs. I got home and stuck the gel pads on the inside heels of a pair of my highest pumps. I stepped into them, stuck my hands out to brace myself if I fell, and took a step forward. So far so good. I took another step. Glorious! Soon I was strutting up and down my hallway in, you guessed it, pajamas. Now that I had gel insoles, I had a reason to shoe shop again! I started looking for heels online. Check out these sexy pairs that I found. (Even if you are a pro at walking in heels like our friend Chelsea is, I suggest getting some of these gel insoles for pure comfort! They come in all different sizes so you can place them wherever you want cushioning-heels, toes, balls of your feet, arches, etc.). There's just something about a peep toe pump that gets me every time. Check out the cone heel, how cool.

This shoe will get you an instant promotion. Helloooooo corner office with a view.
What did I tell you? I'm a sucker for peep toes.

(I wear size 7 just in case you and Santa are BFFs or something...)

images: 1.elizabethmessinaphotography, via snippetandink 2.seychellesfootwear.com 3.piperlime.com 4.macys.com

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Charlie said...

Nice post..! Well, I am too a sucker for peep toes shoes.