inaugural wrap-up

i know i'm a little behind on this post, but now that our new president and his family have moved into the white house, it's time to talk about the important things: like michelle obama's clothes. i wasn't able to watch too much coverage of the inauguration, but i definitely did my homework on who was wearing what:in general, i liked michelle obama's outfits. i didn't love them. i love the color/idea of isabel toledo's suit but i thought it was a little dowdy on michelle's figure. i did, however, love love the green jcrew shoes. nicely done!her jason wu gown was pretty, but i don't think she looked as stunning as she could have. the white just seemed a little bridal to me. i do think she did a nice job with the jewelry and wearing her hair down. i hate updos.i also think this gown may have been more stunning in person. the details look like they were exquisite.
jill biden's reem acra dress was pretty, but i'm not sure it was entirely appropriate for a woman of her age, or for an event this regal. i do love the color, though. she dresses well, but sometimes she doesn't look like the professional, polished politician's wife that she is.
my favorite, favorite looks of the day were the obama girls' jcrew coats, velvet sashes and colored scarves. they looked so youthful in their bright colors and i just thought it was perfect. these coats won't be available until the fall, and they are in the crewcuts line, but i totally want to steal them both!
and the obama girls score again in more jcrew coats at the lincoln center concert. they're so beautiful!

and then there's the celebrities:
loved aretha's hat. absolutely loved it.
dear jay-z, you look stupid. go home.
dear sean, you look like you're wearing a bathrobe. go home.dear don, ...... go home.

what were your most/least favorite inaugural looks?

images: getty images, womensweardaily.com, huffingtonpost.com

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