win me over

who doesn't like to win things? i have entertained the idea of winning big since i was a little girl watching the price is right every morning during the summer. i enter lots and lots of contests (lucky magazine's website has fantastic ones every month) and assume someday my patient persistence will pay off. no contest is as great, however, as hgtv's annual dream home giveaway. this year, it's a gorgeous farmhouse located in sonoma california; and if that weren't enough, a brand new gmc 2009 arcadia. the house is gorgeous and the decorating is stunning. you can enter daily through february 19, and although your entering lowers my own chances of winning, i wanted to share this with you because i am just that nice. (and if you win, you'll have me over for dinner/an extended vacation, right?) enter to win here! good luck! the idea of cooking in a kitchen like this makes me want to jump up and down. and buy lots of things at williams-sonoma.in the words of carrie bradshaw: "hello!...i live here!"i'll take this bedroom......and this bathroom......and i'll even do my own laundry if it means i get to hang out in this room. and if you're really cool, i might invite you to my fabulous california parties, thrown here.

images: hgtv.com

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Cali Girl said...

you are invited to my house warming party after i move in.... :o)