the simple things make the best things - a post by lacey

One of the Web sites that I frequent daily is decor8blog.com. Holly, the lady who runs the show, always has beautiful photos and inspiring blog links on her posts (She sometimes posts more than once a day! Lucky us!) I found Jennifer Causey as a result of reading/stalking decor8. Jennifer is a photographer with a knack for photographing simple objects and making them look delicious. And when I say delicious, I mean it literally. She takes a lot of pictures of food items. I thought I should warn you about this before you head to her site in case one of your New Year's Resolutions was to eat healthier. For those of us (me) who didn't make that resolution (me), we (me again) don't need to worry. We'll (I'll) just look at her photograph of stacked chocolate bars and go make ourselves (myself) a triple brownie sundae.

Table for one please, but I'd like two of everything in the bakery case.Beware of crazy chocoholics.I want my apartment full of these.Speaking of apartments, I'll take this one. It looks fun.Let's end on a good note - more chocolate!

all images via jennifer causey

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chelsea said...

i'll be joining you in the sundae making.