paris, je t'aime!

i have been fortunate over the past few years of my life to visit paris twice. i started falling in love with the country and its culture during my freshman year of high school, in my first french class. i not only loved the language but the fact that it was my heritage - my ancestors were french and so my studies weren't just those of another culture but one from which my own family has descended. after my first trip to paris (my senior year of high school), i was completely smitten and after the second i was ready to pick up and move. it's an amazing city! since that last trip, i have collected many tchotchkes to remind me of my travels and the magic of paris. none are more special, however, than the few pieces of artwork i have acquired. very few things evoke emotion the way beautiful artwork can and so these pieces are very special. and it's your lucky day because i thought i would share them with you...enjoy!

i bought this pair at a tiny thrift store in upstate new york last fall. they are signed prints and i wish the camera did them justice - the colors are amazing.
this little painting is only about 51/2"x 7" but it is an original painting of sacre coeur/the monmartre arrondissement (that means neighborhood) in paris. it was painted with a palette knife so the details are vague (which i love) and the paint is all knobby and goopy. it's gorgeous and the best part was that it was only $7 in an antique store in cornelius, nc!
this pair is my favorite and no, they're not black and white photographs, but pen and ink drawings done by my brother. he's an incredible artist and i am just stunned by how amazing these two drawings are. the bottom one was drawn from a photograph i took the last time i was in paris, which makes it even more fun. aaron has created many many stunning pieces over the years but this pair is by far my favorite!

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