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trousseau: pronounced true-so. in the past, this word has been used to describe the clothes and lingerie a bride brought on her honeymoon, but the word actually describes "a bride's personal possessions: household items, clothes, linen, etc." that she brings with her into marriage.

usage examples:
1. sarah's honeymoon trousseau was packed neatly in matching suitcases, and had been planned as carefully as her wedding.
2. when mr. smith saw his new wife's trousseau filling their apartment, he worried whether his current salary would be enough to satisfy her extravagant taste.
3. mr. davis and miss pike regsistered as many places as they could in preparation for their upcoming nuptials, as the bride's trousseau left the couple lacking many necessary items.
image via apracticalwedding.com, quoted text via "french for le snob: adding panache to your everyday converstaions" by yvette reche, fall river press

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