cheap and chic...and beachy!

i had to go to super target today to pick up a few things for our big fundraiser we're having for work tomorrow night. (that's right. my job is so cool i get to shop at target on the clock.) and although i was actually shopping for work, it's hard not to look at everything. while wheeling past the women's clothes and accessories section, i spotted the most wonderful display amongst all the ugly clothes and swimsuits that are filling the racks there this spring. (since when are target clothes ugly? i usually love it there.) felix rey bags for target!!!! i love the partnership target has with designers...orla kiely's line is great (although not that in line with my tastes) and i really love the hayden-harnett one as well. but the felix rey one was uber exciting today. rey's bags are carried at places like bergdorf's and saks and usually cost more than i'm willing to spend on any bag. for instance, this one below, retails for $220. which is why i'm so excited about felix rey for target! here are the ones that i really want, all of which would be perfect for the CRUISE TO MEXICO I JUST BOOKED TODAY! more on that later...until then, you can mull over which bag you're going to buy for me:straw clutch: $19.99

large straw tote: $49.99
canvas clutch: $19.99
painted tote with shell: $34.99

straw basket tote: $39.99

images: 1.by camilla akrans for italian elle 2.felixrey.com 3-7.target.com


Blair said...

i need ALL of these for the cruise!!!!

chelsea said...

why don't you buy two and i'll buy two and then we can share them. deal? okay, then.