tooting my own birthday horn - a post by lacey

Happy Thursday to you!
Happy Thursday to you!
Happy Thursday dear Readers,
Happy Thursday to you!

Although, I don't always get excited about turning another year older (24 already?!), I am always ready to receive the goodies that come with it-pressies, cake, balloons, crepe banners, etc. Tomorrow, March 6th, is a wonderful, wonderful day because it is on that day, 24 years ago in Monterey, California, that your wonderful guest blogger was born! Hurrah! 

I'm not one to be shy about my birthday. I don't try to keep it a secret from people. (Which is why I am blogging about my own birthday. Is that bad blogging etiquette?) Approximately two to three months before my big day, I'm started to advertise. You know, casually dropping into any random conversation that in 58 days (or 41 or 27 or however many it happens to be on that particular day), I'll be eating birthday cake and throwing confetti. It's probably very annoying and after a few weeks, they start tuning me out.

This year for my birthday, my family, my boyfriend and I are going to spend the weekend in Wilmington. My mom and I have been scouring magazines and Web sites to find all of the best coffee shops, thrift stores, restaurants, book stores, and cupcake bakeries. There seem to be some very promising shops. Of course I'm excited to explore the city and shop till I drop, but I am most excited about spending time with some of my favorite people. I can't wait to kick back with a glass of wine and watch the sun set on my first 24 years, looking forward to the many more I will enjoy.

So, with that said...

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candyknits said...

Here's some Birthday Love for you, Lacey. You are precious! I mean it. Yes. You are.

You girlies(and others)have a blast at the beach.

Happy wine drinkin, cupcake eatin, thriftin, shoppin, droppin...

...have a beachin' birthday!

ps. Give my love to your Mamacita!

Cali Girl said...

How cute! Happy Birthday... have fun!