weekend edition

happy weekend! i have finally managed to take more than one day off of work and i am soaking in the gloriousness of these few days (at the moment by sitting on my couch in my pjs).

so it doesn't really appear that i'll be getting married anytime soon, but just as most girls do, i've been planning my wedding since my favorite barbie received her own couture wedding gown (thanks to my grandma) when i was about five.
one of my favorite blogs to check on weekends is wedding-centered snippet and ink, which features "real wedding saturdays." i am a big supporter of untraditional wedding elements
(i am so over the david's bridal gowns, black tuxes, rose bouquets, and blowing bubbles at receptions) that really showcase a couple's personality and i think kathryn at snippet and ink really captures those type of events.
today's featured wedding wasn't really my favorite overall...in fact, i don't really want to think about farms or cows at all when planning my wedding, but there were two elements i just l-o-v-e-d:
are these not the most gorgeous flowers ever!? i think they're ranunculus, which i have been very into lately, but i'm not exactly sure. my flower knowledge is pretty basic.
what is my biggest wedding pet peeve? ugly, awful unflattering bridesmaid gowns that are shiny, strange shades that will never again see anything but the back of a closet. i will probably never ever again have a need for a strapless floor-length black tafetta gown with a turquoise sash, you know? i want my bridesmaids to love their dresses and wear them often after my wedding. in my opinion, that means selecting a dress that is more dress and less bridesmaid. a great example? this bcbg one above. gorgeous.

stay tuned this week for a more normal amount of blogging! enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

images: 1. tinypic.com 2-3.anna kuperberg via snippet and ink

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